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(*Early Preparation (EP) & 15 hours Online/APP Study Support for ALL enrolment)

    Paper Lecturer CLASSROOM
    (K+R) Full Course
    (K+R) Full Course
    Mocks Package Pass Package
        (6+ Sessions) (6+ Sessions)    
    (LW) FI Team
    (PM) FI Team
    (TX) Mr. Mike Li
    (FR) FI Team
    (AA) FI Team
    (FM) FI Team
    (BT) FI Team
    (MA) FI Team
    (FA) FI Team
    Paper Lecturer CLASSROOM ONLINE CLASSROOM ONLINE Mocks Package Pass Package
    Revision Revision Full Course Full Course
    (8+ Sessions) (8+ Sessions) (16+ Sessions) (16+ Sessions)


    Mr. Mike Li


    Mr. NT Ng


    Mr. Daniel Ho


    Mr. Mike Li


    Mr. Mike Li


    Mr. Tony Ng

    Mocks Package:
    * CLASSROOM in AUG/NOV & ZOOM ONLINE study support from JULY-DEC. Timetable to be announced. * Entitled with Discounts - Early Bird / HKCA Student Subsides * CBE Mocks Package, MOCK exams practise platform, coaching, debrief & marking service is included, HKD $2880 * For preparing 2023 SEP/DEC. ACCA exam sessions. * Feel free to contact us for details. WhatsApp: 59328608. Hotline:31070088. WeChat:HKCA31070088. Email :
    Pass Package

    PASS Package:$2000 per paper, to secure a 2nd chance to retake the enrolled course to get PASS.

    #Subsidy is applicable to as follows: (Membership Referral:$200)
    Subsidies 2023 Sep 30 2023 Oct 31
    Early Bird:
    On or before
    PASS COUPON: $0 *EXTRA Subsidy for enrolling 2 papers
    Acca Total: $ 0
    Terms and Conditions:
    1. * Contact us to get the recent live cloud coaching timetable.
    2. * COURSE DURATION: 2023-JUL-DEC. for SEP./DEC. 2023 exam dates. Cantonese & English teaching mode is available. Privacy Policy Statement: HKCA pledges to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.
    3. # Student’s personal data from the enrollment process and administration of the course will be collected and used for course registration and online login activation.
    4. # Student is required to check the box [YES ( )] as agree or [NO ( )] as not agree, to provide ACCA registration number and date of birth for the Result Service from ACCA and will allow HKCA to receive the student’s exam results.
    5. # Student has read this pre-enrolment information and fully understood. Student could keep a copy of this Pre-enrolment information and course information (leaflet) for reference.